I tried to find the possible rule on the Internet but couldn't.

So, do I have to capitalize such words as business or working or calendar when referring to a day in a document? For ex.:

Within five (5) Working days from the date of signing the relevant Documentation in the amount of ... for arranging financing of each Contractor.

Within five (5) Calendar days after the end of the quarter.

Thank you!

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    Oh no; please don't do this. It's Super Annoying to read Sentences that Capitalize every Other word, especially Ordinary Words like Calendar or Days. See what I mean? :) There are some exceptions to this, of course, but you'll know when you're in one. – FeliniusRex Apr 18 at 13:56

No, "working days" (etc) is a common phrase and does not need to be capitalized.

Legal contracts are funny things and have their own rules a lot of the time. In the text you quoted, "Documentation" and "Contractor" are not usually proper nouns and would not usually be capitalized, but they are in this document because they were previously defined as referring to proper nouns, for example:

Joe Schmo Construction Corp., ACME Supply Corp., and A-1 Foundations Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "Contractor" or "Contractors")...

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