Hello I came across this sentence:

  • "i have questions i need answered"

Is it correct to use answered after need?

in my opinion, there should be something like :

  • "i have questions i need answers" or
  • "i have questions i need to be answered"

I tried to Google but did not find the rules of this, I know that there is only have something done, so I want to understand this is an mistake or is it right? Thanks


I have questions I need answered.

Yes, this is a perfectly grammatical sentence. answered in this sentence is an adjective (precisely, a predicative complement).

Regarding the other version of this sentence, you must add the preposition of or to and write:

I have questions i need answers of/to.

Why of/to is mandated above is because a preposition takes an object, which in this case is questions. Otherwise, the syntax of the sentence is dubious. Please note that (which) I have is a reduced relative clause modifying questions.

The third version is totally incorrect and should therefore be avoided.

  • 1
    thanks for the good explanation
    – Loken
    Apr 21 at 10:02

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