I have a doubt about parts of speech. I was given this sentence by a teacher, “The garden industry is blooming”, and I was told to identify the part of speech of each word. I don’t know what part of speech “garden” belongs to? Is it an adjective?

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    I think it would help if you explained a little bit more why you are unsure whether "garden" is an adjective or something else.
    – ColleenV
    Apr 21 at 18:35

"Garden" is a noun. It is being used as an adjective, and it can be called an "attributive noun". It describes or limits the noun that follows it, "industry". The two words together make up a noun phrase.

See: Thoughtco attributive noun

In English grammar, an attributive noun is a noun that modifies another noun and functions as an adjective. Also known as a noun premodifier, a noun adjunct, and a converted adjective.

Also see: VOA

Everyday Grammar: When Nouns Act Like Adjectives

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