My apologize if the tittle is little confusing. So let's just focus on these couple examples:

  1. I've never been on a bumpier plane ride.


a. The flight was bumpy

b. The flight wasn't bumpy

Attempt: I chose (a)

  1. I've never tasted hot chili peppers.


a. The peppers are hot.

b. I haven't eaten hot chili peppers.

Attempt: I chose (b)

I've tried to check the key answers and those were correct. But, I doubt I can't answer the different problem surely without really understand how to distinguish whether It has an affirmative answer or negative answer.

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I've never tasted hot chili peppers is a simple statement of fact.

I've never been on a bumpier plane ride means 'Of all the flights I've ever taken, this was the most bumpy'. The difference is that this sentence includes the comparative form of the adjective.

If you said I've never been on a bumpy plane ride, you would imply that your most recent one wasn't bumpy either.

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