I am learning English from the book and I read the sentence that make me very confuse.
The sentence is "I have no memory of the moment of impact." I can't really understand this meaning.

What is the difference

Memory of impact
Memory of the impact
The memory of impact
The memory of the impact

Another examples

king of fighters
king of the fighters
The king of fighters
The king of the fighters

What is the difference between this sentences? Thank you so much.

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The moment of impact is the moment when something hit something else (perhaps a car accident). The speaker cannot remember that moment (they have no memory of it).

Because no (not any) comes before memory, there is no need for the definite article the. If the person did remember something, they might say "The memory of the impact will stay with me for a long time."

A king of fighters could mean an especially good fighter (one who is special among fighters in general). A king of the fighters might be the leader of a particular group of fighters.

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