I'd like to know when should I use "next", "upcoming" and "coming"?

The Associated Press (AP) earlier on Monday reported the doses would be shared in coming months following their clearance by the FDA.

My doubt is, on the phrase above could I use "next" or "upcoming" too? Could explain me the grammar rule applicable to too?

  • You can't use next on its own in this context - it would have to be the next month or the next few months. Apr 29, 2021 at 7:35

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These all mean basically the same thing -- some arbitrary months in the near future:

  • "in coming months"
  • "in the next few months" (this may suggest more immediacy than other options, but not necessarily)
  • "in the upcoming months" (this is awkward and uncommon)

This means next month:

  • "next month"

These are not valid:

  • "in next month"
  • "in next months"
  • "in upcoming months" (this is almost valid, but awkward)

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