Could you tell me if there is there any difference between take something up with someone and bring something up with someone? For example:

We are going to take the issue up with the boss.

We are going to bring the issue up with the boss.

  • If you bring something up with the boss, you're just (neutrally) mentioning, raising, discussing something that doesn't necessarily require anyone to adopt a strong position. But if you take something up with him, this would often imply you and he are in conflict over the matter, and/or that "something" is a situation that needs to be resolved. Commented Apr 29, 2021 at 13:38

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Bringing something up is like discussing a topic. It could be about anything.

Taking something up can be a bit more contentious, suggesting here that the issue may be with the boss himself, something he did, a disagreement over a decision he made, etc.

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