imagine a situation when someone lost their keys but after some time he has found them. What would be the correct response to this question?

"Has he lost his keys?"


  1. "No, he has found them."
  2. "Yes but he has found them."
  3. "Yes he did but he already found them."
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    Could be either 2 or 3 – Jim Apr 28 at 4:29
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    If the keys are found then by definition they are not lost. A "Did you lose your glasses?" B "No, (in the end) I found them." – Mari-Lou A Apr 28 at 6:44
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    Number 1. will always be considered ungrammatical because "keys" is plural while the pronoun "it" is singular. – Mari-Lou A Apr 28 at 8:23
  • (4.) He did lose them, but he's found them again. or (5.) Yes, on many occasions, including a recent one. But, as usual, he's found them. – Edwin Ashworth Apr 28 at 18:58

The question uses the perfect tense* and thus indicates that the question's focus is on the present situation (even though it relates to the possibility of something having happened in the past). So the answer should have the same focus, and should therefore also use the perfect tense*. So 2.

  • In another model of tense and aspect, this is termed the present tense in the perfective aspect.

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