Which one idiomatic?

  1. How is your weekend looking?

  2. How is your weekend looks like?

I have seen the first one more often. However, I feel that the word "like" should be added at the end.

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    "What does your weekend look like is" ok, and "How does your weekend look" is also ok. But "How is ... looks like" is not correct in any situation I can think of – E.Aigle Apr 30 at 15:02
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    It's a very slangy / colloquial usage anyway, so I wouldn't worry too much about concepts like "correct syntax" here. But unless you use this colloquial idiomatic form it's not easy to convey the exact meaning succinctly. What does it look like your weekend will be like? is a bit clumsy, and How is your weekend shaping up? would usually imply ...so far (i.e. - the weekend has already started). Note that your example #2 is completely invalid. What's your weekend looking like? is "okay". – FumbleFingers Apr 30 at 15:11
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    Vlad, please. What does your dog look like? He is brown and white with a long tail. For look like, the question is formed like any other question in the simple present... – Lambie Apr 30 at 15:28

The idiomatic ways to say this:

  • What 's your weekend looking like?
  • What does your weekend look like?
  • What is your weekend looking like? [long form]

with HOW:

  • How's your weekend looking?
  • How does your weekend look?
  • How is your weekend looking? [long form]

Suggestion: Memorize these forms.

to look like [something]:What does X look like? How does X look?

Do not use the how form with the word like here.

  1. How is your weekend looking?
  1. How is your weekend looks like?

Example 2 is ungrammatical.

An attempt to find 'how is your weekend looking' in Ngram got me 'how is your weekend going' instead.

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