What does "bore" mean in Athena's aegis bore the severed head of the monstrous Medusa? I looked it up in dictionaries and found a relevant meaning:

to make a long deep hole with a tool or by digging

But this seems can't be applied here, as it basically is digging holes. How can one dig a hole on the aegis and the hole looks like Medusa's head? To me the bore here means more like "carve", but I can't find this in the dictionary. So what does it really mean here?

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In this sentence, bore is the simple past of bear. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, bear has several meanings- in this sentence, the most likely is

to have or continue to have something

What this sentance means is that Athena wears an aegis (a protective animal skin) which has a likeness of a medusa's head on it. Here is a statue of Athena: note the gorgon's head featured on the aegis which is worn diagonally across her chest.

enter image description here


It is the past tense form of "bear", that is, "to carry".

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