Much of what he said I knew already.

Is there a specific reason for already not to be placed in mid position ...I already knew?

  • Only a prosodic reason: putting it last puts strong stress on it. This could have an emotional content: such as irritation ("He should have known I would know it") or smugness ("I heard it before he did") or even scorn ("Why did he waste my time telling me?"). All of these could be present without putting already to the end, but doing so allows the speaker to put a particular tone of voice strongly on already. – Colin Fine May 8 at 19:53
  • "I already knew much of what he said" and "I knew much of what he said already" are also possible - not to add to your confusion! – TypeIA May 8 at 19:55

No, it's fine in either position. Re: using a certain intonation to convey irritation or smugness, as mentioned in a comment, that's possible in either position as well.

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