I read a sentence.

I want to know if I got that question right!

I am not sure if the word right is an adjective or an adverb.

And the meaning of get is also unclear to me.

I looked up dictionaries from which there are some similar examples.

right/wrong are Adjectives. And get means cause.

Example A. Lots of people got the questions wrong.

Example B. He got all his calculations wrong.

These two examples A and B have a structure of [VERB noun adjective]

So I guess the the meaning of get is cause.

Because example C has the same structure of [VERB noun adjective]

Example C. I don't know if I can get it clean.

right/wrong are Adverbs. And get means understand.

Example D. You've got it all wrong.

right/wrong are Adverbs. And get means make a mistake with.

Example F. I must have got the figures wrong.

These question I have are a bit complicated. I try to use analogy to explain what I did not understand.

Sometimes it was helpfull.

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You can write a book on the various meanings of "get" The OED definition is about 30000 words long, if you include all the examples. These common verbs have many senses that are functional rather than meaningful.

Still it is clear that here "right" is an adjective, and describes the answers. "Get" still means "receive" and the metaphor is that you have received the right answer for the question.

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