I'm preparing for academic IELTS by writing some essays and then correcting those using a grammar correction app.

In the following sentence,

Therefore, despite kids tend to form unfriendly societies, it is necessary to gain this experience since it provides an opportunity to interact with people of the same age.

The app suggests using 'the kids' rather than just 'kids'. Considering the fact that I'm talking about kids in general as opposed to a specific group of kids, why is this so?

Many thanks!

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I think that there is a grammar issue here far more important than the distinction of "the kids" and "kids".

  • "Despite" is a preposition, which means you can not use it as a conjunction such as -although, ever though, but- just as in your sentence. So, the combination you should have used is "Despite+noun".

  • Despite kids who tend to..

  • Despite kids tending to...

When it comes to "kids" or "the kids", I'd prefer "children" to "kids" in a formal text without "the".

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