Is there a better way to phrase

I don't have any other options besides going there.

And can we use words like restrain,constrained or something like them?

And if yes, then how?

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There are lots of alternatives, but here are some:

  • I don't have any option other than going there.
  • My only option is to go there.
  • I've got to go, there are no other options.

"Restrained" and "constrained" don't mean the same thing - 'restrain' means to prevent from doing something, so that wouldn't really fit your context where you must do something. 'Constrain' means to limit something, so you could say:

  • My options are constrained, I must go.
  • Today I found one that can be used here as well: there was nothing for it but to go there. Well there is a slight connotation of unpleasantness in "going there". May 13, 2021 at 17:47

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