Meaning: " From a particular day / event ( still to come ), they'll be(come) friends for life. " I've read here that the idiom " from then on " is only used to describe an event already happened, from the past. If so, what can I say to replace " from then on " in the sense of my example ? " These two boys do not stop arguing. In my opinion, they would need a good little fight. From then on ( Google suggests from there ), they will be the best friends in the world. An idiom / expression in 3 syllables needed, just like "from then on".


Three syllables? "After that they'll be friends for life."

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    Thanks for your answer, Jack, but " after that " does not sound good enough to my ears, it does not really fit my wishes in the context of song lyrics. Moreover, I've read somewhere that : ( I quote ) " " “from then on” could basically be used with any tense. The word “then” refers to a specific point in time and that point in time could be either in the past,( the present ) or in the future – it depends on the context. ". The reason why I don't know what to think anymore ... – Jamie May 14 at 10:54

A three syllables phrase you might be looking for is "Happily ever after" as in:

They lived happily ever after

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