I'd like to learn if I can use the combination "multi-adjective+noun" to form an adjective. Examples;

This is a multi-rigid-body analysis.

(I mean that this analysis has more than one rigid body. I know "This is a multi-body analysis" is correct but it is not exactly what I'd like to say)

It is a multi-powerful-core processor.

(I mean that this processor has more than one powerful core. I know "It is a multi-core processor" is correct but it is again not exactly what I'd like to say.) Thanks.

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Yes, you can do that; for example,

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On multi-rigid-body system dynamics

But your example of It is a multi-powerful-core processor is awkward and non-fluent. "Multi-rigid-body analysis" looks OK because we would write "rigid-body analysis"; rigid body is a fixed phrase with a specific meaning, which we consider as a single element. But we probably wouldn't write "it is a powerful-core processor" because it's not very clear what it is trying to say; powerful core is not a fixed phrase like rigid body is. It would sound more fluent to write it is a powerful multi-core processor if that is acceptably close to what you want to say, or otherwise it is a processor with multiple powerful cores.

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