I am looking for an idiom or a verb that is used to say: "it didn't affect at all" when, for example, talking about a movie that someone suggested to me for being funny and then when I watched it, it turned out not to be funny at all similar to "it wasn't half funny"

What can I say to fill in the blank here:
"It/I didn't _________" ?

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Q. What can I say to fill in the blank here:

"It/I didn't _________" ?

A. It didn't "do it for me".

References in periodicals archive ? After surveying a newly-decorated room, he commented: ``It doesn't do it for me. Ref Paddy Shennan: Weekend TV; thefreedictionary.com

P.S. do not get confused with the Acronym DIFM - "do it for me"


It wasn't my cup of tea.
It wasn't my thing.
It didn't work for me.
It wasn't up my alley.

The following might fit a little better your original meaning of "It didn't affect me" but in recent usage they also have sexual connotations, especially the second one, so be careful:

It didn't get me going.
It didn't turn me on.

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