I see some of the best-sellers book. Some of them are like pseudo-scientific.
But they are very popular.
How could we describe a book or content like this ?
Is pop-culture book a correct word ? The book/content that I want to describe is like
gives lot of details about something and is very famous/best-seller kind of stuff
But it certainly is not scientific/emperical

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    Why not use 'pseudo-science books'? Pop-culture is something else. Also, not all best-sellers are pseudo-science or pop-culture. Not clear what you are asking. – Michael Harvey May 21 at 7:10
  • devdutt.com/books Consider the book on this website <br> There is no psychological research backing it. Or consider some spiritual books. <br> Which seems to talk in a way that appears scientific but is not. Some people hold a high status of them in their minds... Yeah I can use pseudo-science that sounds perfect. But if I say that to the person he will get offended. So I was looking for a lighter word. I find many of the bestsellers motivational/inspirational books pseudo-scientific – pensee May 21 at 9:53

"Pop-culture" is a very broad term. It is not a genre, and it is not exclusive to the medium of books. If something is part of 'popular culture' it simply means that it has an audience and is likely to be enjoyed by, or at least known to, a wide audience of ordinary people. Media which makes reference to other media (for example, a book that mentions the titles of real songs or movies) is often said to contain "pop-culture references".

I don't think you mean to say that these books contain pop-culture. What I think you are trying to say is that "pseudo-science has found its way into popular culture". Your evidence for this statement is that many books on pseudo-science have become best-sellers (ie. they have become popular).

  • Yeah You have put it exactly when you said pseudo-science has found its way into popular culture So when I say pop-culture the domain covers more than books. It could be anything right ? Is there a better word to express this than pseudo-science – pensee May 21 at 10:20
  • @pensee Be careful how you use "pop culture", because it is very hard to define. A book or song shouldn't be described as "pop culture"... it becomes part of pop culture when it proves popular. As for 'pseudo-science'... there isn't really a better term for it. Although it is broad - it could include unproved medical advice, or conspiracy theories. You could be more specific and say "pseudo-scientific medical books" or "pseudo-scientific self-help books"? – Astralbee May 21 at 10:37
  • Thanks that was really helpful. Also on the similar lines. I have noticed many times people say things like Eating an apple in morning has the same effect as coffee I am sure you must have heard of many such statements which a group of community/people believes in. Like many supersitious things people believe in...What do you think will be a correct term for that ? Could we call that pseudoscience ? or I guess there must be a better word for that – pensee May 21 at 12:34
  • @pensee "Pseudo-science" generally goes a little bit beyond saying things that are patently untrue. Like homeopathy, for example. It doesn't just say that x cures y, it has some convoluted explanation for why it works, one that is contrary to science. "Eating an apple has the same effect as coffee" is what we might call an urban myth, or an old wives' tale - snippets of nonsense that are passed along verbally without any support to the statement. – Astralbee May 21 at 12:50

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