Does it mean ‘forever’ like the definition in The Free Dictionary?

She told CNBC on a telephone call that she had long been interested in the development of entrepreneurship in Africa and hoped that in working at a big-name bank like JPMorgan she would be able to “redirect the (investment) machine for good.” Instead, Horgan Famodu said she ended up feeling as if she had become a “cog in the wheel.”

Source: CNBC

  • The actual words themselves are ambiguous here. Pragmatically, for good here is almost certainly intended as a completely literal usage (for good purposes). But with only slight changes to the surrounding context, it could easily be understood in the metaphoric sense for good = forever, permanently. May 26, 2021 at 12:45

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No, by context it doesn't mean forever in this use, but for societal benefit. Here is one of several paragraphs that show that:

She also created a non-profit initiative alongside her fund, Ingressive for Good, which provides micro-scholarships, technical skills development and talent placement for young people in Africa.

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