Please help me figure out the meaning of the phrase "move back up" in the following text from the description of the game aiko no Tatsujin Pop Tap Beat:

If you are stuck on one particularly tricky section, lower the difficulty level to try it with fewer notes. Once you master that, move back up.

Here is a description of the game from a different source (Apple App Store) :

Sync to the rhythm and drum away to those notes!

The traditional Japanese drumming rhythm game, Taiko no Tatsujin, comes to Apple Arcade.

Sync to the rhythm and drum away to those notes!

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"Move back up" can have an idiomatic meaning, but in the context of your example, it should be taken at face value. "Back" can mean to return to something or somewhere you have previously been. The text says that you should "lower the difficulty level" if you are stuck, and then, having mastered it, "move back up" meaning return to the higher level (hence 'up') that you were previously at.


"Move back up" here means to return to the higher level.

Your sentence says that if you are having a hard time with a section, lower the difficulty until you feel comfortable with it, then increase the difficulty to the original level.

So, go down in difficulty, then go back up to the original difficulty.

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