Ideally money provides a reliable store of value, a stable unit of account and an efficient means of payment. Today’s money gets mixed marks. Uninsured depositors can suffer if banks fail, bitcoin is not widely accepted and credit cards are expensive. Government e-currencies would score highly, since they are state-guaranteed and use a cheap, central payments hub.

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The metaphor is based on how teachers give marks to students.

If a student always gets 10/10 then they don't have mixed marks. If they always get 1/10 then they always get a low mark.

But if the student gets 8/10, 2/10, 5/10, 2/10 10/10, 7/10 ... The student gets mixed marks, sometimes good and sometimes poor.

The text says "today's money gets mixed marks". Today's money is good for some things and not good for others.

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