I've been recently playing a social game so deep like below.

enter image description here

We form a "Guild" and combat with each other, comprising of 15 members, like taking down castles or towers sort of thing.

Each member has a "rank".

"Guild Master" decides who attacks which "enemy" in the war. So he is the literal boss.

I would like to ask, who would be a "Shot Caller"? And the "Expendable"?

I googled by "Shot Caller Meaning" but ended up in these definitions.

It seems that the shot-callers are kind of a boss of some gang members or that kind, but in this game, the Guild Master is the boss as below. Would native speakers call a pure "member" just a "shot-caller"?

And does anybody have any thoughts about the difference between shot-caller and the expendable?

Any opinions/ideas are welcome.

My team's ranking is very easy.

enter image description here

Guild Master > General > Officer > Member

Thank you.

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    These words have defined meanings in the context of the game and are only loosely connected to their meaning in the language generally. – Jeff Morrow May 31 at 21:59
  • I take it that each guild defines its own titles? Generally I'd assume the Shot Caller is the commander (in an artillery unit it would be literal). An ‘Expendable’ in a guild named ‘The Expendables’ presumably is a member with no special office; in general it describes a low-ranking soldier who can be sent to his death with little regret. – Anton Sherwood Jun 1 at 3:07
  • @AntonSherwood Thanks for the info. Either way, as the answer suggests, I stopped thinking so deep...... – Kentaro Jun 1 at 23:08

Looks to me like a poor word choice by a game designer, so not worth thinking too much about.

That said, the expression, to "call the shots" means to make the important during the action, so being a "shot caller" would ordinarily mean "leader" at some level. It's also a slang expression for a fairly high-up gang member. None of the definitions you linked indicate they're the top boss. So I'd guess somewhere between Guild Master and Officer.

  • Thank you anyway. It's another's team and this is the game probably I take the words as they are. Thank you really. – Kentaro May 31 at 22:05

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