What does this sentence mean?

I find if I drink coffee too late at night, I can't sleep.

Is this wrong?

If I drink coffee too late at night, I can't sleep.

  • Please specify which part of the phrase you are confused about, preferably in quotation marks (" "), as well as what confuses you about it.
    – Kman3
    Jun 4 at 17:47
  • Could you rephrase your question? It's a bit confusing. Jun 4 at 17:54
  • It means: it happens that.
    – Lambie
    Jun 4 at 18:24
  • It means, "I have noticed (that)...". And yes, the second sentence is correct
    – gotube
    Jun 4 at 20:39

Both are correct.

The verb "find" means (in this context) "have realised or discovered that something is true"

So the first means "I have discovered that [drinking coffee -> can't sleep]"

The second just states as a fact "drinking coffee -> can't sleep."

For another example, compare

I can swim a mile.

I found that I can swim a mile

The second sentence reports on the discovery.

You can put the word "that" after "find". It might make it easier for you:

I find that if I drink...

  • Okay,I understand.Thank you very much Jun 4 at 19:56

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