"Refer to your queries, please find the details below..." Can we start the email saying "Refer to your queries.." or "Refer to the payment terms, your payment is due" ?

If not, what is the correct way to use "refer" in an email

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Refer there would be a command. You could say please refer to our previous answers; but I think you are wanting to talk about the reply referring, not the reader.

So you want Referring to your queries, or In reference to your queries. (the last would be my preferred option).

When it is the payment terms, you could say Please refer to the payment terms, putting the onus on the reader; or you could say something like Based on the payment terms, or According to the payment terms.

  • Thank you so much Colin! That will be very helpful!
    – RKGrow
    Jun 6, 2021 at 8:22

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