Is it correct to say "By the end of today", and if so, is it synonymous with "by the end of the day"?

I don't see many results for "By the end of today" on Google, which is casting doubts in my mind.

78 results for "By the end of today":

enter image description here

vs. 756,000,000 results for "By the end of today"

enter image description here

A similar question was posted on https://english.stackexchange.com/q/217534/17712 by Abdennour TOUMI but it was closed and the only existing answer doesn't sound definitive.


There's nothing wrong with it; it's just not how it is usually worded. If you said it in conversation, you would be understood. "By the end of the day" and just "today" are more common.

"By the end of the day" lets you choose which day you are talking about:

I need this by the end of the day Friday.

means you need it at some point Friday.

I need this by the end of the day.

means you need it by the end of this day (today).

You could also say:

I need this today.

"By the end of today" is just a little bit redundant.

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    People say either one, and they mean the same thing, all other things being equal. – Lambie Jun 7 at 19:26

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