I'm always confused whether I have to double the pronoun and auxiliary verb or not, in cases like in the following one:

"They will not give up on the bananas until they'll be eaten by them or they will be spoiled."

Should I double it or not?

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    I think a more natural wording here is 'until they eat them or they spoil'. My first thought when reading this sentence was of man-eating bananas.
    – Angelos
    Jun 9 at 17:17
  • Yes, it is about men eating bananas) Jun 9 at 18:28
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    @JudiciousAllure, I think you missed Angelo's hyphen. In your sample sentence, the second they (following until) is nost naturally understood to refer to the same as the first they, not to the bananas, so it reads that the people are being eaten by bananas.
    – Colin Fine
    Jun 9 at 22:15

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