When coding, I came over to a comment saying "Determine if the user accepted".

I hope to change into a verb-noun pair, that is "Determine user ???", with the question mark stands for the noun of "did or did not accept". Is there such a word?

  • I am confused by your meaning You want a noun or a verb? and do want one or two? How can one word have two opposite meanings? – Brad Jun 11 at 4:06
  • @Brad Sorry for the late reply. "Verb-noun pair" here means that "Determine" is the verb part, and "User ???" is the noun part. I really need to improve by describing skills :( – Uduru Jun 11 at 9:55

"Acceptance" is probably what you want: Determine user acceptance.

You could also try "determine user approval" or the more generic "determine user response."


Do you mean approve? or a derivative of it?

approve verb (AGREE) to accept, allow, or officially agree to something: Ref C.E.D.

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