According to Oxford dictionary, huh is an exclamation. One of the definitions said:

people use Huh? at the end of questions, suggestions, etc., especially when they want somebody to agree with them. Examples:

  1. So you won't be coming tonight, huh? (I'm assuming it replaced will you)
  2. Let's get out of here, huh? (I'm assuming it replaced shall we)

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The assumption of replacement words is over simplifying things a little but if it helps you understand, then yes your statements are somewhat correct.

Note UK also use eh!

used at the end of a question or statement, especially when you want someone to agree with what you have said:

Simple use

I'll bet you wish you hadn't done that, huh?

Pretty cool, huh?

A more complex use;

This is very difficult to explain however I will try to set the scene and show one of the uses

Couple sitting at home watching TV.

Husband: Let's go for a pint.

No immediate reaction from wife (very short time).

Husband: Huh!

An alternative use is quite well defined By the Cambridge English Dictionary.

huh! exclamation (UK) informal; Ref C.E.D.

used to show that you have not heard or understood something:


"So what do you want to do tonight?" "Huh? What did you say?"

Huh? These instructions don't make sense!

used to express disapproval:

Huh, I don't think much of that idea!

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