I feel like this could have a particular name, but I would just call it lane or corridor, I am not sure if there's a better word for it though.

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    I would call it the central aisle or the row between the stalls (though that second one might be ambiguous, as it could refer to an aisle perpendicular to the main aisle). If there is a specific term for it, I am not aware of it.
    – randomhead
    Jun 15, 2021 at 3:03

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I think the word you are seeking is a "drive"

I fix really old barns for a living and they actually were pretty utilitarian and practical when they were built. Everything was designed on a gravity system and the main drives had floor planks used for threshing grain. This was obviously before the advent of petroleum powered threshers but as usual just look into the past a little bit and its all there. Most of the information on this site has already been talked about 100 plus years ago.

Dictionary definition is: A drive is a wide piece of hard ground although it tends, nowadays, to be predominantly related to a type of roadway linking a house.

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