Hostage to another hostage:

Calm down, okay? The police are negotiating with our captors. We'll soon be out of here.

Does the last sentence seem perfectly natural to you? Or would it only be natural if I had used "get" instead of "be"?

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    Either is fine, though I would prefer re-ordering: We'll be out of here soon.
    – randomhead
    Jun 15, 2021 at 13:37

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It is correct as is. To "get out" implies that the people trapped are taking action to escape. The hostages are waiting for the police to get them out, so they will soon be out of where they are.

I would agree with randomhead's comment that "We'll be out of here soon" is a little more natural. "Soon be" isn't wrong; it just sounds like the sort of thing you would write in a movie script rather than say spontaneously.

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