Please correct my mistake (if it is) in the below sentence: "SS-Computing: A New Method for Calculating smth Based on (the) variation of smth else" Could you tell me if I must put "the" before "variation" or not? Thanks.

  • Yea, I am writing a paper and I am not sure if I it is better to use "the" or not in the title of my paper.
    – Majid
    Commented Jul 11, 2014 at 12:46

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Since this looks like a scholarly paper title to me, articles are not usually omitted there, as compared to newspaper articles (where a special set of rules is used, called Headlinese). Therefore I would leave the article as is.


For a title, I think either way is acceptable--omitting the "the" or not before "variation of smth." If it were "variation in," which suggests there may be more than one source of variation, it would be more appropriate to omit the "the."

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