I'm questioning about this sentence below:

How do you make this machine work?

I took that sentence from my exercise book. So, why didn't they put "s" after "work". Isn't this machine countable? I've made it sure it's countable by looking up on my dictionary. Hope you want to explain in detail. Thanks!

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In English, the verbs “make” and “let” are followed by an object and the infinitive without “to”, for example:

  • They can't make you work late.

  • She made him do the exercise again.

  • How do you make this machine work?

In each of the examples above, you will notice a form of the verb make in bold, followed by an object (i.e., "you," "him," and "this machine," respectively) and then the infinitive form of a verb without "to" in bold (i.e., "work," "do," and "work," respectively).

For further explanation, see the following reference:


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