There was a question like this:

Which alternatives are correct? Sometimes only one alternative is correct, and sometimes two alternatives are possible.

  1. I drink ___ water every day.

A much

B a lot of

C lots of

I've already known B and C and those were on my key answer. However, I don't know why A was incorrect. Can you tell me why? Because I'm sure we usually use much with uncountable nouns and water itself is uncountable. For example: much luck, much time, etc.

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It just isn't the usual expression in that use. It's not ungrammatical, but saying it that way would identify the speaker as an English language learner.

On the other hand, in a question or in some statements, it's ordinary:

Do you drink much water?
How much water do you drink?

If you drink much tea, you may get nervous.

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