I am writing my thesis. Now, I am writing analysis the chapter. In the first part of the chapter, results are analyzed. Then in the second part, refined results of the same data are going to analyze. So, under second analysis, I want to explain the new results. But since I used same data and same analysis techniques, if I describe the analysis result in a same way to as I wrote earlier then it is repeating. It is difficult to change the contents as I used same analysis techniques. Therefore, I want to write this second analysis as a comparison and showing improvements. First sub heading for my analysis is “Geometrical evaluation”.

At the moment, for the second sub heading, I used “Comparative evaluation on object geometry”. I am doubted whether this topic reflects some other meaning as the word comparison is not there. If I write comparison evaluation on object geometry, then would it be more meaningful or not?

Could you please give me some suggestions? Any other titles are always welcome.



Comparison evaluation of object geometry

Sounds like an evaluation of different comparisons - as if you're evaluating multiple methods of comparing the data rather than evaluating the data itself.

Comparative evaluation of original vs. refined object geometry

An evaluation that explicitly compares and evaluates the 2 sets of data: the original and the refined (subset?).

Hard to say for certain without a better understanding of the topic, but a "comparative evaluation" sounds more standard & correct for your purposes.


Comparative evaluation

is OK. You are describing what kind of evaluation you are doing, comparing two evaluations. So using the adjective form comparative is fine.

I can't say if comparison evaluation is wrong, but it sounds strange to me.

Take a look at the definition for comparative sense 1.

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