In the following sentence

... , where `id` is supposed to contain current vendor id should I use one of the a/an/the before current or it's just fine without it?

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    "...or is it just fine without it?" I would use the, as it is referring to a specific thing. Commented Jun 29, 2021 at 8:09
  • Does this answer your question? Commented Jun 29, 2021 at 8:37

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In this case, it appears that you're describing an ID which has previously been mentioned (which I'm inferring from the use of 'current').

Therefore, I would suggest using 'the', to make the sentence:

..., where id is supposed to contain the current vendor ID.

(also note the capitalisation of 'ID', as an abbreviated form of 'identification' or 'identifier)

No article would be incorrect here, as articles are generally always needed unless talking about indefinite plurals. However, no article would also be appropriate when using short form, which may be a possibility if you adjust your style slightly:

..., where id is supposed to contain current vendor ID. (lack of article feels out of place, as the rest of the sentence is written verbosely)

... -- id is current vendor ID (rest of phrase also written in abbreviated form, therefore lack of article makes sense in context)

'An current' is also incorrect since 'current' begins with a consonant sound, so 'a' should be used instead. However, 'a current' is generally rarely used and unidiomatic in many cases; the only possible use I can think of for it is when describing one of a plurality of options, i.e. in place of 'one of the' + plural - e.g. 'A current affair commonly being discussed is ...'. However, in all of the following cases 'a current' is unidiomatic:

I would like to meet a current lawyer (consider 'contemporary' instead, or, if you already have a lawyer, use 'the')

Place a current item onto the conveyor (consider 'the' instead, presuming there is only one item being placed at a time)

Take a current medication (consider 'the' instead)

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