Is it true that these sentences are not good?

All people don't like it.

All the people in that town don't like it.

I've read that "all" shouldn't be used in negative sentences, it should be "none of" instead.

Do you agree?

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    I don't like that rule at all. Jun 30 at 18:02
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    All people dislike it would be clearer. All people don't like it could be misinterpreted as meaning Not all people like it (though some do). Jun 30 at 20:11
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    Both example sentences sound incorrect to me. I would mark them wrong in student writing and expect the student to use "none of the people" or "nobody" or some such expression with "no". The rule is a good one.
    – gotube
    Jun 30 at 21:55

"All the people disapprove," is perfectly acceptable English, whether formal or conversational colloquial English. It is just as valid as, "None of the people approve," and even more forcefully stated!

The rule you state is arbitrary and artificial.

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