Can we use modal verbs of requests such as would, could, and can with a third-person word?

Example 1:

Would your son close the window? I feel cold.

Example 2:

Could your boss answer my question?

Example 3:

I heard your son is good at brewing tea. Can he brew tea for me?

Example 4:

Would your children like to sit next to my son? They are good friends.

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    Rather than "Can we...", if I rephrase your question as: "Would the following examples be understood as requests, even though they have third person subjects?", is that the question you're asking?
    – gotube
    Jun 30 at 20:56

It's not usual to phrase a request through a third person.

  1. as a request, would be expressed as

Would you have your son close the window?

  1. and 3. are questions about whether another person is able to do something. They aren't requests.

Example 4. Is a question about whether the children would like to do something, or an invitation, but not a request.

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