I came across this sentence in "English Grammar In Use Supplementary Exercises". The following sentence is:

"We had hoped to be living (live) in our new house by now, but the builders are still working on it".

I have never came across usage of both past perfect and to be + ing, therefore, it is confusing to me :)

  • What's confusing about it? What parts of it do you already understand? Please show us that you've made some effort to understand it yourself so we can meet you half way. :)
    – gotube
    Jul 5 at 4:15
  • I just don't understand had + -ed + to be + -ing construction because I have never seen it, and I don't know when and how I should use this.
    – Adam
    Jul 5 at 6:02
  • Are you familiar with past perfect? Are you familiar with "hope to" + verb? Are you familiar with continuous grammar? This isn't a single structure. This is those three things combined
    – gotube
    Jul 5 at 6:06
  • When work started on the house, the owners said "We shall be living in it by July." Now it is July and the house is not finished. They had hoped that they would be living in it by now (but they can't hope for that any more). Jul 5 at 7:38

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