Is there in english a word connotating the idea ''try to tackle a difficult problem once more''? The word I want has meaning more than simply ''try again''.

Much appreciated!

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I am not sure about a single word, but some phrases you could use:

Make another attempt.
Work harder to solve ...


Take another stab at it.
Give it another go.


I would like to suggest the phrase "to reengage the problem."


How about persevere:

to continue doing something or trying to do something even though it is difficult (Merriam-Webster Online)

Note that persevere can also be used for continuous successful (but difficult) action, rather than just repeated unsuccessful attempts, but I would say it definitely meets your needs.


I've just heard this expression at BBC Radio 4:

To emphasize the hardness of the task, one may add an adjective before cherry, such as tough, hard.

Let's have a second bite at this tough cherry.

Or, to substitue the word cherry with something a bit tougher. Say, borrow from the idiom 'a hard nut to crack'.

Let's have a second bite at this hard nut, hope it will crack this time.

P.S. Personally I like Obfuskater's reengage: the word has military connotations ("engage the enemy") and thus seems to imply hardness.


In English, we have a prefix to describe a verb as being retried

Retry is the word you are looking for

Other examples of using this prefix:

  • Re-learn
  • Re-send
  • Re-run (as in televison, or running cables)
  • Re-live

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