Are question words like "what" plural or singular?

What are you going to do in college?

Is the "what" asking about one thing only or multiple things? or both are possible?

Where are you going to take a trip for your vacation??

Is the "where" asking about one place only or multiple places? or both are possible?

How are you going to finish the project?

Is the "how" asking about one or multiple methods to finish the project? or both are possible?

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    Those question words are about unknowns, and they're not the subject of their sentences, so they aren't (yet) singular or plural. The answer to "where" will likely be an adverbial phrase, like "anywhere that's hot" or "to the Bahamas", so it won't have a number. The answer to "How" will always be an adverbial, like "quickly" or "by getting my roommate to help me", so number won't apply.
    – gotube
    Jul 12 at 7:47
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    Both are possible. The reply may contain one or more college-pursuits, destinations or methods. Btw, you don't need 'take a trip' in the second question. 'Where are you going for your vacation?' is usual. Jul 12 at 11:19
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    Although the answers may be singular or plural, singular is usual. However, that's a matter for a different sentence. As @gotube pointed out, these words aren't the subjects, so singular/plural doesn't apply. Here's an example diagram: You (subject) are going (verb) to finish the project (infinitive phrase - object) , how (adverb)? Jul 12 at 16:34

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