"This is the one encyclopedia upon which I can depend." Can I put the proposition 【upon】 at the end of the sentence? That is" This is the one encyclopedia which I can depend upon."

And for the sentence " The man whom you asked about is here", whether its grammar is correct if I say " The man about whom you asked is here." ?

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    These are all grammatical, but they're not really colloquial English. Nobody says upon unless they're reading or quoting. And whom should be avoided, as should pied-piping; strand the preposition at the end instead. Colloquial American English would be This is the one encyclopedia I can depend on, The man you asked about is here. Jul 17 at 14:36
  • ... [following on from John's comment] Those are colloquial in the UK too. Jul 17 at 15:49
  • @JohnLawler Why would you use the word 'colloquial'? The way you use it, it sounds like you mean 'natural'. As far as I know, 'colloquial' means 'conversational'. So by saying that they're all grammatical but not colloquial, you might be saying that the OP's sentences are natural if in writing, which I don't think they are. And you call your own sentences "colloquial American English", but I think they're natural in writing as well as in speech, so I don't know why you call them 'colloquial'. Am I missing something here?
    – JK2
    Jul 17 at 16:49
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    Writing is not natural; it's technology. Since our writing system doesn't represent the spoken language, it has developed a congeries of unnatural styles and habits (like apostrophe's) to overcome the medieval literacy system. When I say "colloquial", I mean a way that is close to what English speakers say, not what they write. My only advice about writing is to write the way you talk, but learn how to speak well first. Jul 17 at 17:15
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    @JohnLawler I can't resist mentioning a Vietnamese coworker who consistently used upon in place of on; and he pronounced it /'ju.pɔn/. Jul 18 at 2:15

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