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In the dictionary

claw(noun): part of a tool or machine, like a claw, used for holding, pulling or lifting things

I am not sure the 2 ides/parts of a hairclip are called "claws".

Is it correct to say "The claws or sides of the hairclip" in everyday conversations?

Note: some women say they are "the teeth of the hairclip"

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    The two sides of the clip each consist of a row of - I would call them teeth too, but claws would be acceptable. Jul 19 at 8:02

Sure, "teeth", "claws", "prongs", "grippy bits"... There's No well-established term that I am aware of, though there may be one used by hairgrip designers and manufacturers. It is just not something that comes up in everyday conversations very often.

Oh look one of the grippy bits has broken off my pink hairgrip. What a shame.


If I had to refer to those specifically, I would call them tines.

1 : a slender pointed projecting part : prong

as in "Look, my hairclip has a broken tine."

This word does seem to be in actual usage, for example in US Patent US7066185B2:

The legs each have a tine base and a number of curved tines...

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