Two bikers, Billy and Wyatt sit by the campfire:

Wyatt: What's the matter? You zonked? You really zoaned?

Billy: No, I'm just kinda tired, man.

Wyatt: Oh, man, you're pulling inside. You're getting a little distance tonight.

What does "pulling inside" mean?

Source: Easy Rider (1969)

  • Hello Buff. Please edit to tell us the source of this quote. And "zoaned" is probably spelled "zoned"
    – James K
    Jul 20 at 6:52
  • @JamesK I added source.
    – Buff Hardy
    Jul 20 at 7:12

The two characters, Billy and Wyatt are both counterculture 1960s people and they are using a lot of slang. In this scene they are also high.

It seems "pulling inside" is a metaphor. Think of how a snail can pull inside its shell. So Billy is becoming introspective and inwardly focused, making him seem distant from his friend.

It's not a common expression.

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