I heard this sentence that a native guy said :

Soon, you all will be answering to him.

and my question is that why the speaker didn't say :

Soon, you all should answer to him.


The first one is not in the passive voice, it is the continuous tense. You don't give us the context, but it looks like a prediction - that before long 'he' will be in a position of authority, the person that people have to answer to.

Your second version is a recommendation; it doesn't have the same meaning (and doesn't make much sense).

  • Thanks, according to what you said if I make such a sentence would it be true to say : [for example the president is sick] If the president dies, people will be voting for a new one, two months later
    – user139835
    Jul 23 at 8:53
  • The first sentence could possibly be used in that situation. Jul 23 at 14:57

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