Between these sentences below, do they have the same meaning? Or is just one of them correct?

  1. It always works for me.
  2. It's always work for me.

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Completely different!

Let us try to parse these:

[It (subject)] [always (adverb, modifying the verb)] [works (verb)] [for me (prepositional phrase)]

Here "works" means "functions correctly". It refers to the machine that may misfunction.

[It (subject)] [is (verb)] [always (adverb, modifying is)] [work (noun, complement of "It is")] [for me (prepositional phrase)]

So here "work" is a noun meaning "a job", or "a difficult task", except that "work" is non-countable. And "It" must refer to the task.

So the first could be paraphrased as "This machine always functions correctly when I use it." and the second is "This task is always a difficult task for me to perform"

  • 'It's always work for me' could be the opposite of 'it's always fun for me'. Jul 25, 2021 at 11:43

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