Is there a word for saying that I have found another different interest unexpectedly? Suppose that I was interested in say, Biology yesterday but today when I dabbled in Chemistry it also caught my interest (: made me interested) and therefore I got interested in Chemistry unexpectedly. Is there an expression for that?

In my own research I found stumble on Chemistry but most dictionaries say that that is more of discovering something than becoming interested in something (Merriam Webster).

Is there any expression for what I am intending to say?

  • Chemistry engrossed you or caught/grabbed your interest/attention.
    – Void
    Jul 27 at 6:54

You can discover new interests by accident, so to "stumble on" something works.

The dictionary page you've linked to says:

to find or learn about (something) unexpectedly

which describes finding a new interest when you didn't expect it.

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