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How do you call the round blob of hair in this female haircut? The two blob of hair before the ponytails, what do you call that? Is there a word for it?

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    It is a hairstyle, not a haircut. :)
    – Lambie
    Commented Jul 27, 2021 at 17:01

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This is a bun.

A bun is a type of hairstyle in which the hair is pulled back from the face, twisted or plaited, and wrapped in a circular coil around itself, typically on top or back of the head or just above the neck.

The specific hairstyle is a double bun, or a pigtail bun. It's also known as the "odango with pigtails" hairstyle.


The round part is called a


A hairstyle in which the hair is drawn back into a tight coil at the back of the head.

From Lexico.

See also various images such as #2: Dutch Braids into Voluminous Buns and others in the series. There are numerous hairstyles that use a bun, and the question asks for the name of the blob of hair.

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