Is it correct to use "it" in cases like the following:

I will study hard before it is the test.
I will go shopping before it is the party.

I am not sure at all, but I think it'd be best to just use "before" and the noun after it.

I hope you can throw some light on this.

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Using "it" in this context is kinda awkward. A more natural way to say this is "I will study hard before the test" and "I will go shopping before the party".

  • Ok, thank you very much!
    – user140217
    Jul 27, 2021 at 21:33
  • 1
    Using it in this context is just plain wrong, not kinda awkward. And kinda is slang, to be avoided in answers. Jul 27, 2021 at 23:52
  • I see. Sorry, this is the first comment I've made here. I meant that it is possible that the message could be interpreted as "I will study before it is [the time of] the test". Jul 28, 2021 at 12:22

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