1. Is "Hello everyone!" a complete sentence?

We have this thing of greeting people when we start working in a Slack channel. People use different greetings, say "good morning" or simply "Hi all!", I understand that all these are informal but with regards to "Hello everyone!", is it a complete sentence?

I mean, does it sound like the person is going to say something more (similar to interjections)?

Is it okay to use it when I just want to greet people and say nothing more?

  1. Also, is it common to use "Good afternoon!" as a greeting?

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It is a complete utterance. It doesn't require anything else and listeners would not require you to say anything more.

Whether it is a sentence or not is more doubtful. It doesn't have a main finite clause. Most greetings are complete interjections like this. Just because something is an interjection doesn't make it a fragment. "Good afternoon!" is another common greeting. (Surely most of these greetings are taught very early in a language course)


Hello, everyone!, a greeting addressed to all those present or listening, is a valid sentence.

Good morning/afternoon/evening are all common greetings, a little more formal than hello or hi. Good night is usually reserved for parting.

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