the headline at NY Times i: 'How a rockaways locations rep spends her sundays'

I couldn't figure out what a location rep is, I imagine it has to do with tourism routes, Am I right? if so what exactly a location rep is?

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    From the article itself... after her son left for college, Ms. Bloom, a weekend surfer, decided to embrace the scene full-time, so she moved to Arverne, an area near Rockaway Beach, Queens. Soon after, she started a new business, Rock Locations. I don't know why she calls herself a "locations rep", when everyone else calls such people "locations managers", but the article (which seems to have been syndicated to many outlets) should make the meaning clear (it just describes what she does on her "day off"). Commented Aug 1, 2021 at 18:06

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It looks like it was a job title that Claudia Bloom (in the article) made up for herself.

A "location" is the place where a video is shot. People who make advertisements want cool locations.

She is hired by people who own cool places (like a surf shop, or a houseboat) and finds advertisers and content creators who want a location like this for their adverts. She represents the location owners.

It's not a common phrase

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